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Various in-game actions can earn you Game Center Achievements.

In total, there are 13 achievements, totalling 260 points.

Image Achievement Description Points
Achivement-wishImay Wish I May Expand your boundaries and discover the Magic Well! 5 pts
Achivement-golddigger Gold Digger Have 10,000 coins on hand! 5 pts
Be Jeweled Have 5,000 Jewels on hand! 10 pts
About Them Apples... Have 500,000 Food on hand! 10 pts
Dust to Dust Have 50,000 Magic Dust on hand! 10 pts
Achivement-welcometofireisland Welcome to Fire Island Expand your boundaries and discover Fire Island! 20 pts
Achivement-batlionscorpiongo Baat-Lion-Scorpion Go! Summon the Manticore! 20 pts
Achivement-wellhello2 Well Hello Summon a Sylph! 20 pts
Rival Confront your enemies and win 100 fights! 10 pts
Duelist Confront your enemies and win 500 fights! 25 pts
Gladiator Confront your enemies and win 1,000 fights! 50 pts
Truly Enchanted Fully upgrade your Castle! 25 pts
The Rightful Heir Reach Level 25 50 pts

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