Creatures have something to say when you pull up their page in the game.


  1. Adlet: "An Hounur?" (Baby Saying), "Were You Addressing Me?" (Teen Saying), "All Is Well Your Highness" (Adult Saying) 
  2. Bast:"Purrr,Hi" (Baby Saying), "Not Impressed"(Teen Saying), "Purr Mmm.Why,Hello" (Adult Saying)
  3. Bunyip:Yip (Baby Saying), "What's Wrong With Being Scary?", "Sharpened And Ready"(Adult Saying)
  4. Cactus Dryad: "Poke, poke, poke" (Baby Saying), "They Say I'm Too Prickly"(Teen Saying), "I Spiked My Hair,What Do You Think?" (Adult Saying)
  5. Centaur: "Heh,Heh,Heh,Heh (Baby Saying), "I'm gonna kick somethin'!" (Teen Saying), "Wanna play horseshoes?" (Adult Saying)
  6. Cockatrice: "Buck,Buck, Buck" (Baby Saying), Oh,Pin Feathers" (Teen Saying), "Absolutely Magnificent" (Adult Saying)
  7. Cyno: "Do you have a cookie?" (Baby Saying), "Just not...interested today" (Teen Saying), "Guarding The Home Front" (Adult Saying)
  8. Fairy: "You look silly" (Baby Saying), "Oh,Hello Your Highness" (Teen Saying), "Anything I Can Do Today?" (Adult Saying)
  9. Fire Nymph: "I'm On Fire!" (Baby Saying), "Oh,Watch Out For My Sparks!" (Teen Saying), "Burn Baby Burn" (Adult Saying)
  10. Firework Fairy: "Sparkles" (Baby Saying), "I'm Ready To Make Some Noise!"(Teen Saying), "Stand Back And Me Sparkle" (Adult Saying)
  11. Garden Nymph: "Hi, Majesty" (Baby Saying), "Castle's coming along nicely" (Teen Saying), "Don't you love the trees?" (Adult Saying)
  12. Genie: "Make a wish" (Baby Saying), "Wish Me Luck" (Teen Saying), "3 Wishes,Any Wishes" (Adult Saying)
  13. Griffin: "I Can Fly!" (Baby Saying), "Check out my lightning tail!" (Teen Saying), "Ready For Battle Your Highness" (Adult Saying)
  14. Hippocamp: "Hippo" (Baby Saying), "What Can I Do" (Teen Saying), "How Can I Help You Your Majesty?"
  15. Holly Dryad: "Berries,Wow!" (Baby Saying), "Is It Time To Decorate?" (Teen Saying), "All Is Well Your Highness!" (Adult Saying)
  16. Imp: "Sup"(Baby Saying), "I Got This" (Teen Saying), "Game,Set,Match" (Adult Saying)
  17. Kapre: "I'm Hungry!" (Baby Saying), Ooh,Ooh Hi" (Teen Saying), Ooh Ooh Time To Fight" (Adult Saying)
  18. Kirin: "Don't Step On My Tail!" (Baby Saying), "Sharpest Horn In The Kingdom"(Teen Saying), "How Slick Are These Scales" (Adult Saying)
  19. Kitsune: "I Wanna Be Like You When I Grow Up"(Baby Saying), "No Red Head Jokes Please (Teen Saying),"It's Good To Be Back!"(Adult Saying)
  20. Leviathan:"Greetings" (Baby Saying)  "If you don´t mind (Teen Saying) "Careful swim Majesty" (Adult Saying)
  21. Lochness "I might be cute now, but just wait(Baby Saying), Oh no you didn't!"(Teen Saying),  "You messed with the wrong Lochness!"(Adult Saying)
  22. Manticore: "Meow" (Baby Saying), "Roawr" (Teen Saying), "Grrrthrrwww" (Adult Saying)
  23. Mermaid: "Bubbles!" (Baby Saying), "Oh,I Love Bubbles!" (Teen Saying), "Hope,You Bought Bubbles" (Adult Saying)
  24. Naga: "Sunshiney Days" (Baby Saying), "Splendid to see you" (Teen Saying), "Superb to serve you, your Highness!" (Adult Saying)
  25. Nereid: "Tee Hee He(Baby Saying), "wait... like, what?" (Teen Saying), "I'm sorry...who are you again?" (Adult Saying)
  26. Owlman:"Who" (Baby Saying), "Your work is appreciated (Teen Saying), ahem* I hate nonsense." (Adult Saying)
  27. Pegasus: "You're in charge, right?" (Baby Saying), "Can I help with anything?" (Teen Saying), "Evening, your Majesty."(Adult Saying)
  28. Phoenix: "BooBoo (Baby Saying), "Oh,...hey" (Teen Saying), "What are you looking at?" (Adult Saying)
  29. Peryton: "Hello... Ruler Person?"(Baby Saying), "This is a gorgeous place" (Teen Saying), "Beautiful kingdom, Your Highness" (Adult Saying)
  30. Rakshasa"You surprised me!" (Baby Saying), "Happy to see you here!" (Teen Saying), "Don't be a stranger" (Adult Saying)
  31. Siren:"Oh, Hello there" (Baby Saying), "Tra la-la-la-la" (Teen Saying),"Ready for a solo!" (Adult Saying)
  32. Sphinx: "I got a question" (Baby Saying), "Gotcha!" (Teen Saying), "Riddle Me This" (Adult Saying)
  33. Sylph"Muah!" (Throws a kiss) (Baby Saying),  "Well hello" (Teen Saying), "You're looking lovely today" (Adult Saying)
  34. Tomten: "Presents!" (Baby Saying), "Ready for snow?" (Teen Saying), "Glorious day, Majesty." (Adult Saying)
  35. Treant: "Are you stumped, too?" (Baby Saying), "Want some shade?" (Teen Saying), "Oh, good day, your highness" (Adult Saying)
  36. Triton: "Ever See A Seahorse" (Baby Saying),  "Where's my fork?"(Teen Saying), "On to battle!" (Adult Saying)
  37. Water Leaper"Ribbit" (Baby Saying), "Rrrribbit" (Teen Saying), "Rrrrrrribbit" (Adult Saying)
  38. Wisp"Mmhmm"(Baby Saying), "Mhmmmumm" (Teen Saying), "Mmmumphahmmm ahmmmm" (Adult Saying)
  39. Wyrm: I'm Gonna Get 'Em"(Baby Saying), "You want me to what!?" (Teen Saying), "I'm ready to fight" (Adult Saying)