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Main Element Creatures

Main Element Creatures
Garden Nymph Centaur Griffin Phoenix Cyno
Nymph garden thumb@2x Centaur forest thumb@2x Gryphon sky thumb@2x Harpy volcano thumb@2x Anubis desert thumb@2x
Mermaid Satyress Ice Golem
Mermaid beach thumb@2x Satyr mountain thumb@2x Golem polar thumb@2x

Hybrid Creatures

Hybrid Creatures
Adlet Alcyone Asrai Banshee Basilisk
Adlet baby AlcyoneB Asrai-Baby Banshee mountaingarden thumb@2x Basilisk-Baby
Bast Bunyip Cactus Dryad Chimera Cockatrice
Bast desertgarden thumb@2x Baby-bunyip Cactusdryad desertgarden thumb@2x Chimera-Baby Cockatrice skyvolcano thumb@2x
Djinn Earth Golem Enenra Fairy Fenrir
Djinn valcanodesert thumb@2x EarthGolem-Baby Enenra-Baby Fairy gardensky thumb@2x Fenrir-Baby
Fire Golem Fire Nymph Frost Nymph Gargoyle Genie
Firegolem mountainvolcano thumb@2x Firenymph gardenvolcano thumb@2x FrostNymph-Baby Baby Gargoyle Genie volcanodesert thumb@2x
Gnome Gorgon Green Dragon Heyoka Hippocamp
Gnome-Baby Gorgon-Baby GreenDragon-Baby Heyoka-Baby Hippo-baby
Hippogryph Hydra Ifrit Imp Jotunn
Hippogryph-Baby Hydra baby Ifrit-Baby Imp volcanogarden thumb@2x Jotunn-Baby
Kapre Karkadann Kirin Kitsune Lamassu
Kapre volcanoforest thumb@2x Karkadann-Baby Kirin beachforest thumb1@2x Kitsune forestvolcano thumb@2x Lamassu-Baby
Leprechaun Leshy Leviathan Lich Lochness
Leprechaun-Baby Leshy Baby Baby-leviathan Lich-Baby Nessie forestbeach thumb1@2x
Manticore Marid Marozi Minotaur Moon Hare
Manticore desertsky thumb@2x Marid polardesert thumb@2x Marozi v2 volcanodesert thumb@2x Minotaur mountainvolcano thumb@2x Moonbunny icesky thumb@2x
Mountain Piksy Naga Nanuk Nereid Nightmare
Pisky mountainforest thumb@2x Naga desertvolcano thumb@2x Nanuk icedesert thumb@2x Nereid gardenbeach thumb@2x Nightmare-Baby
Nyx Orc Owlman Pegasus Peryton
Nyx-Baby Orc-Baby Owlman forestdesert thumb@2x Pegasus forestsky thumb@2x Peryton forestsky thumb@2x
Pine Dryad Pixie Pooka Puck Quetzalcoatl
PineDryad Baby Pixie-Baby Pooka-Baby Puck mountaingarden thumb@2x Quetzalcoatl-Baby
Rakshasa Roane Salamandra Selkie Sidhe
Rakshasa volcanobeach thumb@2x Roane-Baby Salamandra baby Selkie-Baby Sidhe-Baby
Siren Snow Nixie Sphinx Spirit of Flames Swan Maiden
Siren baby Snownixie-Baby Sphinx skydesert thumb@2x Spiritofflames-Baby Swanmaiden-Baby
Sylph Tanuki Tengu Treant Triton
Sylph gardensky thumb@2x Tanuki-Baby Tengu baby Ent gardenforest thumb@2x Triton beachgarden thumb@2x
Undine Unicorn Vily Water Leaper Wisp
Undine baby Unicorn-Baby Vily polarmountain thumb Waterleaper beachvolcano thumb1@2x Wisp gardenforest thumb@2x
Wyrm Yeti Yuki-Onna Zephyr Zmey
Dragon volcanosky thumb@2x Yeti mountainice thumb Yukionna baby Zephyr Baby Zmey-Baby

Limited Creatures

Available Limited Creatures
Cupid Love-less Bunyip
Baby cupid Valentine bunyip@2x
Unavailable Limited Creatures
Alkyonides American Griffin Anansi Android Autumn Nymph
Alkyonides-Baby Presidentgryphon thumb@2x Anansi-Baby Android garden thumb@2x Autumnnymph-Baby
Coral Nixie Ember Wisp Faun Firework Fairy Golden Cupid
CoralNixie baby Emberwisp baby Faun mountainforest thumb@2x Fireworkfairy-baby SuperCupid-baby@2x
Harpy Holly Dryad Icy Peryton Mind Flayer Patriot Mermaid
Harpy-Baby Holly Dryad baby Icyperyton-Baby MindFlayer-Baby PatriotMermaid Baby
Pumpkinhead Tomten Worker Centaur
Pumpkinhead-Baby Tomten WorkerCentaur-Baby


  • As of December 12, 2014, there are 113 Creatures in the game - 8 Basic, 85 Hybrids, and 0/20 Limited Creatures available.
  • There is only one hybrid combination with one (non-limited) Creature as of that date: Beach/Mountain (Hydra).

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