Depleted Jewel Mine
Deco 4x4jewelminedepleted thumb@2x
Level 6
Cost 249 Jewel
Sells for 2,490 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 0 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Size 4 x 4
Robin made this gem of a discovery while looking for the Queen's evil minions. The Jewel Mine is filled with treasure, but its maze-like tunnels mean that treasure isn't always easy to find. That won't stop Robin, or Phillip for that matter, from mining away! Unfortunately, this Jewel Mine has run out of jewels.


Modal featured upgrade jewelMine 1-03 v2@2x

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    • I think it's terrible that we buy the jewel mine only to find out it's wasn't mentioned when I bought mine....any...
    • I've been harvesting from mine for the past few months. Only recently did it expire and become depleted.

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