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Desert Temple (Basic)
Deco 3x3deserttemple stage1
Unlock requirement Level 24
Construction time 16 Hours or
49 Jewel
Placement XP 25,000 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Cost 150,000 Quest icon coin@2x
In-game Description
This magical temple shifts very slightly each morning, so that dawn's first light always strikes a mirror at the heart of the Desert Temple. This flash of light is said to bring a blessing to all creatures who witness it. Phillip is fascinated by this very strange combination of architecture and magic.


Desert Temple (Bronze)
Deco 3x3deserttemple stage2
Unlock requirement 15 Desert creatures
at Level 11


Desert Temple (Silver)
Deco 3x3deserttemple stage3
Unlock requirement 15 Desert creatures
at Level 15


Desert Temple (Gold)
Deco 3x3deserttemple stage4
Unlock requirement 15 Desert creatures
at Level 19

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