Dragon's Maw Jewel Mine
Active Depleted Level 18
Deco 4x4dragonjewelmine@2x Deco 4x4dragonjewelmine-depleated@2x Cost 199 Jewel
Sells for  ?
Experience 0 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Size 4 x 4
Dragon's Maw, most recognizable by its grim facade and the glow of fiery Jewels emanating from within, was previously a rookery for the Elder Wyrms. Uncharacteristic of Dragons and their kin, though the Wyrms left their mountain of riches behind when during their exodus from the kingdom. As a result of your reopening the mines, likelihood of summoning Dragons will double, as they seek to reclaim their cousins' lost hoard.


  • Buying a Dragon's Maw Jewel Mine will increase the chances of summoning the Green Dragon.

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