Basic Dust Vault (Level 1)
Storage magicdust lv1 4of5 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 10
Build Cost 5h or 16 Jewel
31,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 100 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 350 Quest icon magic-dust@2x
Size 3x3
Magic Dust is a volatile substance, so when you started gathering a lot of it, Phillip went to work and designed the Dust Vault. This has proved useful for everyone but Mervin, who sneezes whenever he gets too close.


Simple Dust Vault (Level 2)
Storage magicdust lv2 4of5 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 11
Upgrade Cost 10h or 31 Jewel
50,500 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 250 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 500 Quest icon magic-dust@2x (+150)
Size 3x3


Nice Dust Vault (Level 3)
Storage magicdust lv3 4of5 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 14
Upgrade Cost 12h 30m or 38 Jewel
234,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 500 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 700 Quest icon magic-dust@2x (+200)
Size 3x3


Big Dust Vault (Level 4)
Storage magicdust lv4 4of5 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 16
Upgrade Cost 15h 33m 20s or 48 Jewel
378,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 750 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 900 Quest icon magic-dust@2x (+200)
Size 3x3


Great Dust Vault (Level 5)
Storage dust lv5 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 18
Upgrade Cost 19h 26m 40s or 59 Jewel
558,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 1,000 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 1,250 Quest icon magic-dust@2x (+350)
Size 3x3


Huge Dust Vault (Level 6)
Storage dust lv6 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 20
Upgrade Cost 24h 26m 40s or 75 Jewel
1,377,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 1,250 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 1,700 Quest icon magic-dust@2x (+450)
Size 3x3


Super Dust Vault (Level 7)
Storage magicdust lvl7 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 28
Upgrade Cost 1d 6h 33m 20s or 93 Jewel
1,775,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 1,500 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 5,900 Quest icon magic-dust@2x (+4,200)
Size 4x4


Castle Dust Vault (Level 8)
Storage magicdust lvl8 thumb@2x
Level Unlocked 30
Upgrade Cost 1d 14h 20m or 117 Jewel
8,000,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 1,750 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Capacity 999,999 Quest icon magic-dust@2x (+994,099)
Size 4x4