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Enchanted Well
EnchantedWell Level Unlocked 7
Cost of exploration Cannot Buy
Size 3 x 3
In-game Description
Mervin has been hard at work trying to replicate the Magic Well. He's finally managed it, but something went a little wrong... This Enchanted Well produces even more magic dust than the original!

Dust Production

Type Dust Time Quest icon coin@2x Cost Quest icon magic-dust@2x per hour XP Gained
MagicDustIcon bottle Bottle 7 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 1 min
1 Jewel
35 Quest icon coin@2x 420 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 20 FloaterIcon XP@2x
MagicDustIcon amphora Amphora 15 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 10 mins
1 Jewel
45 Quest icon coin@2x 90 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 40 FloaterIcon XP@2x
MagicDustIcon decanter Decanter 25 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 1 hour
2 Jewel
100 Quest icon coin@2x 25 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 60 FloaterIcon XP@2x
MagicDustIcon keg Keg 45 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 2 hours
4 Jewel
165 Quest icon coin@2x ~23 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 100 FloaterIcon XP@2x
MagicDustIcon barrel Barrel 115 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 6 hours
10 Jewel
415 Quest icon coin@2x ~19 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 260 FloaterIcon XP@2x
MagicDustIcon vat Vat 225 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 12 hours
19 Jewel
800 Quest icon coin@2x ~19 Quest icon magic-dust@2x 460 FloaterIcon XP@2x


  • Placing the Enchanted Well in an area where a Minion is (will be marked as a red, brownish square) will reduce the amount of Magic Dust (and thus XP gained by it) produced by it.

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