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Forest Temple (Basic)
Deco 3x3foresttemple stage1
Unlock requirement Level 18
Construction time 2 hours or
7 Jewel
Placement XP 25,000 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Cost 85,000 Quest icon coin@2x
In-game Description
No matter where you stand in the Temple of Forest Magic, you can hear the faint clopping of Centaur hooves. Robin and Phillip both find this an annoying facet of the structure, but Mervin is determined to discover how the phenomenon occurs and learn to recreate it.


Forest Temple (Bronze)
Deco 3x3foresttemple stage2
Unlock requirement 5 Forest creatures
at Level 11


Forest Temple (Silver)
Deco 3x3foresttemple stage3
Unlock requirement 5 Forest creatures
at Level 15


Forest Temple (Gold)
Deco 3x3foresttemple stage4
Unlock requirement 5 Forest creatures
at Level 19

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