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Garden Temple (Basic)
Deco 3x3gardentemple stage1
Unlock requirement Level 16
Construction time 30 seconds or
1 Jewel
Placement XP 25,000 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Cost 85,000 Quest icon coin@2x
In-game Description
Once the hallowed halls of the Garden Temple rang with the songs of Garden Nymphs and other creatures of Garden magic. Phillip has offered to organize a Magical Creature Chorus in an attempt to reinvigorate this tradition. The Puck is particularly enthusiastic about this plan.


Garden Temple (Bronze)
Deco 3x3gardentemple stage2
Unlock requirement 5 Garden creatures
at Level 11


Garden Temple (Silver)
Deco 3x3gardentemple stage3
Unlock requirement 5 Garden creatures
at Level 15


Garden Temple (Gold)
Deco 3x3gardentemple stage4
Unlock requirement 5 Garden creatures
at Level 19

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