Hermetic's Jewel Tree
Active Depleted Level 6
Jewel Tree active Jewel Tree depleated Cost 199 Jewel
Sells for  ?
Experience 0 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Size 3 x 3
Nestled snuggly amongst the magical tomes lining Mervin's study sits an emerald green book with gilded lettering entitled "The Hermetic Gardener". Like many of his books, it went untouched and unloved until recently, when the lack of new jewel mine discoveries forced Mervin to look towards alternative methods of production. After days of study, he has gained mastery over two of the simplest spells: The Hermetic's Tree and the Jewel Blossom. Taking a small sapling or an established tree, the spells convert the budding fruit or flowers into ruby red jewels. The only drawback is the limited nature of the spells; once expired, neither tree nor flower will ever bud again.


  • Maximum of 3 can be purchased
  • 5 Hours between collections
  • 2 Jewel per collection
  • Expires 62 Days 3 Hours and 20 Seconds after purchase
  • Perfect collection return 297 Jewel

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