Icicle Pagoda
Deco 3x3iciclepagoda polar thumb@2x Level 18
Location Snowball Ridge
Cost of exploration 4,110 Quest icon magic-dust@2x
Experience 7,500 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Size 3 x 3
Do not be fooled by the delicate appearance of the Pagoda. Although made of fragile ice, this miniature palace has stood the test of eons and is the heart of the Polar magic in your kingdom. Despite the nature of its construction, the pagoda is pleasant inside, a charming haven in the midst of a frozen wasteland.

Fog to clear

To find the Icicle Pagoda, continue that straight line from Flinty Beach to Mount Aurora, then turn and go in a straight line until you reach Snowball Ridge. Discovering the Icicle Pagoda unlocks the Polar Magic and thus, Polar Creatures.

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