Large Farm
Large Farm
Level Unlocked 16
Building Time 12 Hours or 13 Jewel
Buy 378,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Sell 189,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Experience 8,947 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Upgraded from: Small Farm Size 3 x 3
In-game Description
Oh bounty unbounded! Large farms produce more munchables for your creatures to eat, such as Starberries and Moonbeans. Farming is the only outdoorsy thing that Phillip really enjoys, because it gives him exciting new ingredients for his baking experiments. Which is great, since Robin can't grow a cactus.

Food Production

Type Food Time Quest icon coin@2x Cost Food per hour XP Gained
Croplcons cheeries@2x Cheeries 10 Food 1 min
1 Jewel
80 Quest icon coin@2x 600 Food 7 FloaterIcon XP@2x
CropIcons cloudcumbers@2x Cloudberries 40 Food 10 mins
1 Jewel
190 Quest icon coin@2x 240 Food 27 FloaterIcon XP@2x
CropIcons lemonLimes@2x Lemon Limes 70 Food 45 mins
875 Quest icon coin@2x 93,3 Food 31 FloaterIcon XP@2x
CropIcons princessPeaches@2x Princess Peaches 270 Food 3 hours
5 Jewel
2,850 Quest icon coin@2x 90 Food 111FloaterIcon XP@2x

CropIcons rainbowMushroom@2x Shiny Shrooms

625 Food 8 hours
13 Jewel
7,200 Quest icon coin@2x 78.1 Food 258 FloaterIcon XP@2x

CropIcons castleCarrots@2x Castle Carrots

1,100 Food 22 hours
34 Jewel
19,800 Quest icon coin@2x 50 Food 460 FloaterIcon XP@2x


  • Placing a Large Farm in an area where a minion is (will be marked as a brownish square), will reduce the amount of food (and thus XP gained) produced by it.
  • Upgrading a Small Farm to a Large Farm costs the same as buying a Large Farm... Therefore, it is recommended that you sell your Small Farm and buy a Large Farm, rather than upgrade.