Skull Cavern
Deco 3x3skullcave volcano thumb@2x
Level 3
Location Skull Cavern
Cost of exploration 120 Quest icon magic-dust@2x
Experience 33 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Size 3 x 3
The Skull Cavern leads down into the wild heart of Volcano Magic, and possibly to the center of the earth. No one actually knows who carved the outer cave into the shape it now bears, but it has been speculated that it is actually entirely natural. The cave possesses the strange property of feeling only pleasantly warm inside for those of pure heart, and of being unbearable hot for those who are not.

Fog to clear

Skull cavern fog
Right after Floating Fountain follow the path to the second island and you'll see the fog over the Skull Cavern. Discovering the Skull Cavern, unlocks the Volcano Magic and thus, Volcano Creatures.