Small Desert Home
Habitat 4x4desert thumb@2x
Upgradeable: Large Desert Home
Level 1
Building Time 5 hours or 6 Jewel
Buy 64,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Sell 32,000 Quest icon coin@2x
Coin Capacity 8,000 Quest icon coin@2x Experience 1,812 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Creature Capacity 2 Size 4 x 4
In-game Description
"Merging seamlessly with the landscape, the Desert Home might easily be mistaken for part of the wasteland around it. It is, however, cleared painstakingly by Desert Magic everyday. Well, more like every hour. When Mervin was putting this home together, he had a hard time telling from the MAGE Manual what was a description of the surroundings and what was meant to be the Desert Home."


Available after exploring the Ziggurat, which is unlocked at level 9.

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