Standing Stones
Deco 3x3standingstones mountain thumb@2x Level 18
Location Arctic Cliffs
Cost of exploration 1,875 Quest icon magic-dust@2x
Experience 7,500 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Size 3 x 3
At the center of the Standing Stones, is the root of the Mountain Magic in your kingdom. This ancient place has served as a gathering point in times of peril and as a place for celebrations to be held. It is said that if you sit among them, alone at night, you might hear a snatch of the song of the earth, humming in the stones.

Fog to clear

To find the Standing Stones, hug the island edge from the bridge in an anti-clockwise direction until you reach the Arctic Cliffs. However, to help with discovering the Icicle Pagoda, it works out cheaper to go in a straight line from Flinty Beach to Yodeler's Peak. Discovering the Standing Stones unlocks the Mountain Magic and thus, Mountain Creatures.

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