Swan Lake Habitat
Habitat 5x5swanlake@2x
Level 2
Building Time 5 Hours or 6 Jewel
Buy From the Charming Pack
Sell  ? Quest icon coin@2x
Coin Capacity 11,000 Quest icon coin@2x Experience 50 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Creature Capacity 4 Size 5 x 5
In-game Description
While Mervin ordinarily takes the lead in building homes for creatures, Phillip quickly volunteered to lend his expert craftsmanship to building a residence fit for a Swan Maiden. Unleashing his passion for building, Phillip has created an elegant home that creatures of both Sky and Beach magics can call home.


  • Placing the Swan Lake in an area where a Minion is (will be marked as a red, brownish square) will reduce the amount of Coins produced by it.

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