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Greetings Sir/Madam, and Welcome to the Tiny Castle Wiki!
Discover an enchanted world filled with magical creatures! Feed them, raise them!
Build your kingdom, explore mysterious islands and banish the Evil Queen's minions!
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What's New?

On the Wiki In the Game
October 17th, 2014: Limited Mind Flayer Creature added to the market.
October 10th, 2014: Limited Harpy Creature added to the market. Limited Pumpkinhead Creature returns to the market.
October 3rd, 2014: Limited Alkyonides Creature added to the market.
September 19th, 2014: Enenra Creature returns to the market as a permanent Creature (also available in the Limited Extravagant Booster Pack).
September 5th, 2014: Spirit of Flames Creature added to the market.
August 23rd, 2014: Fenrir Creature added to the market.
August 14th, 2014: Lamassu Creature added to the market.
August 9th, 2014: Swamp Troll Creature, Jewel Blossom and Hermetic's Jewel Tree Crystal Banks added to the market.
July 31st, 2014: Tanuki Creature added to the market.
July 24th, 2014: New Mythic Ice Golem evolution and Polar Temple added.
July 18th, 2014: Quetzalcoatl Creature added to the market.
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iOS (v1.1.0): July 23, 2013
Android (v1.1): May 29, 2013
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