Tunnel of Love
Habitat 5x5lovetunnel@2x
Level 11
Building Time 6 Hours or 7 Jewel
Buy 390 Jewel
Sell -- Quest icon coin@2x
Coin Capacity 9,000 Quest icon coin@2x Experience 7,500 FloaterIcon XP@2x
Creature Capacity 4 Size 5 x 5
In-game Description
Mervin decided to do some experiments with the magic of true love, and this is the result! The lavender willow provides gentle shade and the pink stones warm the waters of the Love Tunnel Habitat. Although the tunnel is rather short, this is the perfect habitat to give human and creature couples alike a private moment or two.


  • First Home of two elements: Sky and Forest
  • Added to the market on February 12, 2013

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